Over 30 years in the industry

We specialise in the development and implementation of high quality software solutions for the supply chain in printing and can making.

The company was founded in 1986 and have been developing tailor made software for customers for over 30 years.

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Suilven Associates Manufacturing

SAM (Suilven Associates Manufacturing) manages the various value-added processes in the manufacturing site and records the current state of the business.

Its primary aim is to make the business visible to everyone so that they all share the same view of the business at any one time. From goods-in to despatch, pallets can be traced through stores and a set of manufacturing operations.

SAMs core functions can also be extended by adding our peripheral applications.

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Suilven Associates success is based on making SAM look and feel like your business that is half the battle of implementing a new system successfully. As well as adding functionality that is unique to your business, small things like the ability to change prompts to use your jargon rather than someone elses, are already a part of SAM.

User Friendly

Suilven Associates believe that, for a system to work, it must provide every user with the easiest way to do their job AND provide added benefits.


In the event that our solution may not align with your business needs, we will provide transparent guidance. We believe in prioritising practicality; if a request appears unfeasible, we prefer honesty over wasting valuable time on the unattainable. We value efficiency, aiming to ensure your resources are invested wisely.

Some of our current clients

"...doubling our productivity with as little as a week’s notice"

"PrintPlan was and remains the only scheduling software designed specifically for metal printing."

- Tinmasters

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A quick chat will help us understand your business and its problems and give you a feel for what is possible.

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PHONE - 01568 720090

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